Inogen GS-100 At Home Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrator

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A compact, lightweight design, the GS-100 oxygen concentrator delivers full-time oxygen therapy but does so in an energy-efficient manner

Inogen is renowned for its design of portable oxygen concentrators, like the Inogen G3 & Inogen G4, but the GS-100 oxygen system is also remarkably compact for a continuous-flow oxygen source and weighs only 18 pounds. In fact, Inogen hails the GS-100 as the lightest stationary concentrator available on the current market. So the GS100 can be easily transported, as needed, but its compact dimensions don’t mean small performance as the GS-100 can administer up to 5 LPM of continuous flow oxygen.
As a continuous flow oxygen source, the GS-100 can run day and night for 24/7 supplemental oxygen. Thankfully, the GS-100 is an energy-efficient design, using 100 watts at 2 LPM up to 275 watts at 5 LPM, helping keep the power bill in check. The GS100 runs quiet too, producing 40 dB at flow setting 2. The low noise levels help ensure a night of sound sleep for patients that require true 24-hour oxygen support.
-Continuous flow oxygen therapy up to 5 LPM
-Only weighs 18 pounds – the lightest stationary oxygen concentrator on the market
-Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation
-Quiet design produces less than 50 dB
-24/7 performance for round-the-clock continuous flow oxygen
-Energy efficient design
-3-year warranty
This Product Include:
Inogen GS-100 oxygen concentrator
-AC Power Supply 100-240V
-3-year warranty
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