Aeroneb® Go Nebulizer Compressor

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The Aeroneb Go uses passive aerosol delivery of the medication that avoids medication deposition in the back of the throat so you get proper delivery to the lungs


The Aeroneb® Go nebulizer, distributed by Philips Respironics, is a lifestyle nebulizer enabling people to build their nebulizer treatments around their life, rather than build their life around their nebulizer treatments. It is lightweight and portable and can fit discreetly into a school satchel, a purse or small luggage items.

The Aeroneb® Go is a fast, efficient, simple-to-use device developed specifically for the millions of patients worldwide who require respiratory aerosol therapy in and away from the home.


 Fast and efficient

-Rapid treatment times (approx. 7.5 minutes for a 3mL dose) -Aerosolizes to the last drop, minimizes medication waste

-Easy to open

-Easy to clean


-Lightweight (60g handset, fits comfortably into hand).

-Virtually silent, it eliminates the need for a noisy compressor.

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