AirSep Focus Battery Case

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AirSep Focus Battery Case the custom design of this battery case is very practical and patient friendly. Along with the magnetic flap, the case is equipped with a belt clip on the back. This allows you to carry the battery on your waist without adding any weight to the concentrator. On top of the case there is a cut-out which allows you to easily check your remaining battery life without taking your battery out of the case.


The AirSep Focus External Battery Case is custom designed for the micro batteries that come with the Focus. This lightweight case has a magnetic flap which secures your battery in place, ensuring it never falls out even if you sit or lay down.


-Protects Battery from Damage

-Sleek, Inconspicuous Design

-Magnetic and velcro secure closure

-Lightweight -Durable Nylon

-Belt bucket attachment

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