AirSep® VisionAire™ 5 Oxygen Concentrator

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The VisionAire is almost maintenance free and filter free that eliminates inconvenient and pricey maintenance and repair costs. It uses only 290 watts of power; about half the amount of electricity used by other home concentrators.


The AirSep VisionAire is one the quietest and lightest home oxygen concentrators out today. It is a stylish and compact 5 LPM machine that weighs around 30 pounds. The VisionAire is an extremely power efficient home oxygen unit that will help keep your electricity costs down. It has a sleek, stylish design with a black color that can fit into almost any décor or environment.

One of the main design features is that it is almost silent during operation at around 40 decibels. The Visionaire is ideal for users who are sound-sensitive and value quiet time during use. It is a home concentrator that is even small and lightweight enough to use during travel and vacations.


-Lightweight home concentrator at only 30 pounds

-Continuous flow oxygen from 1 to 5 liters per minute

-Contemporary sleek style that is small and compact

-Almost silent operating level at 40 decibels and extremely power efficient

-Virtually maintenance free with no filters to change or replace

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