In order to comply with FDA regulations Spec Medical,Inc's requires a Prescription from a Licensed Physician to provide you with a Oxygen Concentrator, Respiratory Equipment and certain other Medical Supplies.

You may fax your prescription to (305) 266-9943 or if you are outside the United States to (305) 266-9943; upload a copy from the "Thank You" page after you place your order or e-mail a scanned copy to Your prescription should have the physician's information and signature, the type of machine you need (stationary oxygen concentrator,portable oxygen  concentrator, etc.), and the setting at which the concentrotor is to be used at.

Once we have a prescription on file you will be able to place future orders without resubmitting a new prescription. Your original prescription is acceptable regardless of the date it was written. If you do not have a written prescription we will be happy to contact your prescribing physician to obtain one on your behalf. In this case please provide us the patient's full name, date of birth, physician's name, address, phone number and fax number on the customer checkout form in the "Additional Information" area or e-mail this information to us at sales@Spec Medical,Inc's .

No merchandise requiring a physician's prescription will be shipped prior to Spec Medical,Inc's  obtaining one.*Prescriptions are NOT required to be sent for replacement parts, filters, or any product on the website without a prescription required field. Who may provide me with a prescription? Any of the following health care providers may write you a prescription: Any Licensed Medical Doctor Any Doctor of Osteopathy Nurse Practitioner Physician's Assistant Dentist Will you accept my original prescription? Yes, prescriptions do not expire and once we have one on file you may reorder without having to supply us with a new prescription. Is there a special form that it must be written on? No, it may be written on a standard prescription pad which includes the physician's contact information, your name and is signed by the care provider.

Does my prescription have to be in English and from a doctor in the United States? No, on both accounts. If you reside in another country your prescription from your doctor in that country is acceptable as long as it has the wording necessary to receive the ordered equipment is stated. We gladly accept prescriptions in any language. What needs to be on my prescription? All prescriptions must contain your doctor's signature, your doctor's contact information, the patient's full name and a description of what is being described.

The following will give you examples of appropriate descriptions. Oxygen Concentrator / Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Should contain one of the following words or phrases: concentrator, oxygen concentrator, portable oxygen, portable concentrator, portable oxygen concentrator, Sequal Eclipse 5, Respironics Evergo, DeVilbiss Igo, Inogen One or oxygen. Disposable Oxygen Supplies - Nasal canulas, humidifiers, extension tubing and related supplies may be ordered using any prescription for oxygen as described above or with a separate prescription with the wording: oxygen supplies or the specific item being requested. How can my physician or I deliver to you the prescription?

It may be faxed to (305) 266-9943 from within the US and Canada or faxed from outside the US to(305) 266-9943.

It may be e-mailed to or it may be mailed to us at 4708 SW 74 AVE Miami, FL 33155.

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