SeQual Eclipse DC Power Supply

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The Eclipse DC power supply is small, lightweight and includes a unit cord of 3 feet and power cord that a 6 feet. It can easily rest on any table or desk and can be carried in a purse or backpack.


The SeQual Eclipse DC Power Supply plugs into most 15 to 20 amp circuits that are found in most cars, trucks or RVs. It features a green LED light that lets you know the power supply is plugged in and providing power to the Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator.


-Intended for use with DC accessory outlets, such as those found in motor vehicles

-Supplying 26VDC power

-Compatible with the SeQual Eclipse 3 and 5

-Built-in surge protection

-Extended cords lengths enable flexible placement options


 Accessories Included:

-DC Power Supply

-Unit Cord

-Power Cord

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