SeQual Eclipse Travel Case

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SeQual Eclipse Travel Case is cushioned interior comes with Velcro adjustable padded, and removable partitions.External Velcro flap on back aids fitting over the handle of the Eclipse Universal Cart


The Eclipse Oxygen Concentrator Travel Case or Upgraded Accessory Bag includes a cushioned interior and comes with 3 padded movable panels that are adjustable with Velcro. The travel case neatly stores additional Eclipse accessories as well as paperwork and smaller personal items in a zip-able, waterproof compartment. It features an external Velcro flap that easily slides over the telescoping handle of all Eclipse carts.


-Adjustable Velcro inner partitions

-Neatly stores Eclipse accessories

-Rubber handle offers a sturdy grip

-Easily slips over the handle of all Eclipse Carts

-Clear zippered plastic pocket conveniently stores paperwork or small personal items.

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