Traveling with Oxygen:

Oxygen patients can take advantage of our helpful tips when planning to travel with a portable oxygen concentrator. Whether you are making your next journey via plane, automobile or cruise ship, it is important to plan ahead to ensure you have a hassle-free adventure. In addition to the tips below, you will want to take into consideration changes in time zones and increased activity. All of our Portable Concentrators are FAA approved

By Air:

-Call the Airline may require a letter from your physician, some medical history and a current oxygen prescription.

-Keep your unit charged on AC power while you are waiting for boarding or during any layovers. Most airlines do not have the ability to charge a unit (AC or DC power) while in flight.

-FAA guidelines require that you have enough battery life to power your concentrator for at least 150% of your flight time. (For example, for a 6 hour flight, you would need 9 hours of battery time). Check with your airline for additional battery requirements.

-Direct flights are recommended whenever possible. By doing this, you will not have to board and disembark from the airplane with your oxygen concentrator multiple tips


    FAA Regulations for Portable Oxygen Concentrators on Airplanes


The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has ruled that all passengers who require oxygen must be allowed to bring FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrators on all U.S. aircraft with more than 19 seats. Foreign airlines must also allow portable oxygen concentrators on all flights to and from U.S soil.





By Car:


-All of our portable concentrators come with a DC power supply that plugs into an automobile cigarette lighter. Several (but not all) units charge the battery under this DC power

-It is not recommended that you leave your unit in a hot car when not in use. Many of the portable oxygen concentrators have sensitive technology that could be damaged by being exposed to intense heat for a prolonged period of time.

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